Friday, November 16, 2012

11/9 "Rape is not Surprise Sex": Solutions to Sexual Assault on F&M's campus

How can we combat F&M's rape culture? How do we make campus aware of sexual assault? Here are solutions we discussed this friday:

-Recognizing the sexual assault spectrum: Rape is at the end of the spectrum, but any form of unwanted physical contact is not okay! We can't trivialize other forms of assault. 

-Empathize with victims 

-Advertise campus' options 

-Follow up from the freshmen sexual assault presentation - Educate peers about sexual assault

-Bystander intervention - If you see something SAY SOMETHING!

-Stand up for yourself - "Excuse me" and other phrases. Speak up!

-More weekend options - target freshmen specifically. Tango club, movies, etc

-Use the buddy system with your friends to stay safe. Use a phrase such as "Can you help me find my "silver purse'" as a code to let your friends know that you need to be out of an uncomfortable situation.